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Baby Stella // West Virginia Documentary Newborn Session

I've been part of a great friendship for half of my life. Whitney, Elyse, and I became friends in 6th grade and dubbed ourselves the "Sisterhood of the Little Wild Ones"- the name coming from a combination of our love for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants books and the movie That Thing You Do. Together we've faced the perils of middle school dances, roller coasters, jellyfish stings, disastrous dates, AP Exams, and maybe the hardest challenge of all- learning how to live hundreds of miles away from each other. I always wondered what would become of the Sisterhood once high school ended. Would it survive?

So far, so good. The relationship has changed to be sure, and the distance between us can be heart-wrenching when the really tough times come along and we can't just meet up at Dwight's Diner in our hometown for some cheese fries to talk about it, but I am grateful everyday for these incredible women in my life who have shaped me, pushed me, comforted me, and loved me through the worst and the best of times.

This year, Elyse and I both found out we were expecting baby girls! On September 2, Elyse gave birth to lil' Stella Jane- our first Sisterhood baby! She was 19.5 inches long and 6 pounds 9 ounces of pure love. Whit was able to fly up to meet her, and I was lucky enough to get to drive down to take some newborn pictures when Stella was 2 weeks old. Holding her in my arms made me so excited for my own daughter to arrive. How lucky she'll be to have a friend in Stella and two incredibly strong Sisterhood Aunts to look up to.

This nursery is amazing! Clean and minimalistic with white walls and pastel tones.

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