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Baby Max // Charleston, WV Documentary Newborn Session

I think this quote from Natalie (the rockstar mom of this family) sums up how I feel about this session:

"1st kid - You want everything to be picture perfect. 2nd kid - You accept that everything won't be picture perfect, but still try your hardest to make it appear that it is. 3rd kid - Your level of expectation is lowered even more and you start to realize that the imperfections can be quite cute to look back on in pictures. 4th kid - You want the imperfections documented. You want "real life" captured. It feels like someone has pushed a fast forward button and the real moments are what you find yourself looking back at and wishing you had documented more."

Clients like this are why I love my job! I'm happiest when people allow me to be a fly on the wall and capture some messy, crazy, wonderful real life. I had the best time meeting baby Max in the hospital, watching his older brothers jump on a hospital chair to get their wiggles out, and seeing his older sister hold him ever so sweetly. I loved coming into their home and watching in amazement as Natalie and her husband Jared got four kids and themselves ready. I love this family.

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