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Baby Joanna and Baby Mateo // Salt Lake City Documentary Newborn Photography

If there's one thing I've learned from watching Coco 157 times with my one-year-old it's that "nothing is more important than family."

That's why my heart was completely full when I flew out to Salt Lake City this summer to meet my brother's new baby girl and my brother-in-law's new baby boy. Both families have very energetic 2-year-olds that are hard to keep in one spot for long. Documentary in-home sessions are so special because you get to always remember the home you brought your children into, and you can also take time to get a wide variety of shots- from your toddler crashing himself repeatedly into a laundry basket for no reason to the sweet smiles that come when Dad throws you on his back for a ride down the hallway.

I love all of these people with my whole heart. Cue "Remember Me" from Coco.

Baby Jo

Baby Mateo

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