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Hey There!

I'm alex

I got my first point-and-shoot camera in 10th grade and took lots and lots of pictures of my

3-legged dog Maxine. When I joined yearbook committee a year later, I realized how much I enjoyed shooting portraits.

Since then I haven't stopped taking pictures of people. I took a photojournalism class in college that lit a fire in my heart for documentary photography. It seemed like magic that people could know their photography equipment

so well that they could be ready to capture moments as they're happening and turn

those moments into art.

I married my best friend Cameron in 2013 and am now a mom to two incredible daughters. I have some creative tricks up my sleeve for getting cranky toddlers to come around... 

my daughters train me on a daily basis.

I love each one of my clients and feel so lucky to work with such inspiring people.


I would love to work with you! 

My Favorite Things:

- My family

-The color yellow

-Nancy Drew computer games

-It's a Wonderful Life

(we watch it every year at Christmas)

-Vintage looks

-Harry Potter audio books

-Dancing always

-Traveling with Cam

-Salt and Vinegar Chips

-Having The Office on

while I edit 

01. Where are you located?

Frequently Asked


We just moved from Columbus, Ohio to Salt Lake City, Utah and will hopefully be settling down there. I will be living in the Millcreek area, but I'm always happy to travel for pictures.


I'm so excited to meet up with past clients and meet new people here this summer!

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