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Carly Sadolf // Fun in New York City and Brooklyn

10 years ago, my mom forced me to audition for a local production of Grease: The Musical. I ended up being cast as Schoolgirl No. 4 and totally loving it. (Thanks, mom!) In one of our many rehearsals, I met Carly Sadolf. She tapped on my shoulder to ask if my hair was naturally curly. I said it was naturally frizzy. We've been facebook-official sisters ever since.

She's spent most of our friendship living in NYC, pursuing her acting career. Every time I come up to visit, she's grown in new ways and made friends with all kinds of amazing people. Lately she's been producing incredible feature films, and as I stayed with her this last week I was struck- as I am each time I am around Carly- by how she affects the people around her. Everyone that talks to Carly, whether it's a salesman at a flea market or an old friend from college, falls under her charm and can feel the love she has for New York City and all of the interesting people living in it.

I'm so thankful to Carly for letting me crash in her cute Brooklyn apartment, for making me laugh until I cried, for ordering the best take-out Brooklyn has to offer, and for letting me follow her around with my camera. Love you sis!

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