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Best of 2016

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

2016, I loved you through the good and the bad. I got to explore my new home in Columbus, spend spring break in Disney World with my cutie husband, shoot weddings until I was so pregnant I thought I would die, spend lots of time with family, and most importantly- I gave birth to the most beautiful, perfect, happy baby girl in October.

You can see a video of our year together here: 2016 Adventures

I also updated my website! Alex Wright Photography

To all of my 2016 clients, thank you so much and Happy New Year! I can't believe I get to have this job. Your smiles, kisses, families and DOGS bring me so much joy. I get emotional when I think about how lucky I am to be able to support our family by doing something I love so much. You're truly the best, all of you.

These are a few of my favorite moments from the past year. I love seeing shots of families bundled up in the snow, engaged couples under blossoming trees in the spring, and high school seniors in summer sundresses. Love is always in season. Enjoy!




You guys- this is my baby girl Ellie. Isn't she amazing?

Happy New Year!

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